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Getting the Tone Right: Voice and Tone Online Event

Content Strategy Los Angeles is hosting a meetup featuring Oz Chen, Senior UX Writer at Credit Karma and XML Press author John Caldwell on Friday, May 22, 2020, from 10:30 AM to noon (Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)). For details and to sign up go to Content Strategy Los Angeles Meetup.

John will discuss the voice and tone strategy building blocks and frameworks in his book, Voice and Tone Strategy: Connecting with Customers using Content, which he developed during his time as content lead for TurboTax and Intuit.

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XML Press at STC Summit 2020

STC Summit 2020 is starting this week. As part of this event, XML Press is running a virtual bookstore. If you’re attending STC Summit, you will find the bookstore in the Virtual Expo Hall. The bookstore contains curated books that have been recommended by STC members, reviewed in STC Techcomm, or written by speakers, along with a selection of books from XML Press.

If you’re not attending the conference, you can still take advantage of our Summit ebook discount on XML Press ebooks. The discount code is stc-20 at XML Press ebook store (this link already has the discount applied).

At the Summit, make sure you check the talks by XML Press authors Kit Brown-Hoekstra and Robert Delwood.

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New from XML Press: XProc 3.0 Programmer Reference

Cover of Voice and Tone Strategy

The latest book in our series of XML-related publications, XProc 3.0 Programmer Reference by Erik Siegel, is now generally available in ebook and print form through online book sellers worldwide.

XProc 3.0 Programmer Reference introduces XProc 3.0, which is a programming language for processing XML, JSON, and other documents. XProc chains conversions and other steps, allowing you to define and manage complex processing pipelines.

This book is aimed at programmers and others who process XML. It explains the language in detail, provides examples, and contains a set of example use cases. Anyone who uses the XProc language will find a wealth of information in this book.

The author of XProc 3.0 Programmer Reference, Erik Siegel, is a content engineer and XML specialist who runs Xatapult consultancy in the Netherlands. He specializes in content design and conversions, XML Schemas and transformations, eXist and XProc applications, and XML-related training.

Since 2017, Erik has been part of the XProc 3.0 editorial team.

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A New Place to Buy Books

It has always been difficult to buy niche books from independent bookstores, and since we are a niche publisher, it is highly unlikely that you will see one of our books in your local bookstore. In 12 years of running XML Press, I know of only one direct purchase from us for an independent bookstore (thanks Tattered Cover).

This is not an indictment of independent bookstores. There is no way they can keep the kinds of books we publish in stock.

However, there is now a way to purchase XML Press books that supports independent bookstores. It’s called You can read a description in this article: Thanks to Bookshop, There Is No Reason to Buy Books on Amazon Anymore.

They operate somewhat like an affiliate program, but with much more benefit for the stores. Any bookstore can open up a site for books that they recommend. When someone buys one of those books, or any other book, handles fulfillment and gives the bookstore a piece of the profit.

You can buy directly on the site, or you can search for a local bookstore on their site and use its bookshop page as your starting place.

We will be adding bookshop links to our book pages, and we have created an XML Press page at that contains purchase links for all of our books: FYI, we get a small commission on sales through this link. However, if you select a local bookstore as your starting place, they get the bulk of the commission.

UPDATE (4/20/2020): I ordered a book through this service. It took a week to arrive, and it arrived in good condition. Not as quick as Amazon Prime, and they do charge shipping, but if you want to support local bookstores, it may be worth the wait.

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Conversation and Community ebook now Free

Anne Gentle has decided that it’s time to take Conversation and Community: The Social Web for Documentation out of print. The social media landscape has changed radically in just a few years. While the information in the book is still valid and relevant, there are trends and technologies that were not in existence when Anne wrote the most recent edition, so she has decided that the best course is to take the book out of print and make it available for free.

Anne’s work history includes experience with open source materials, and in that work she developed an appreciation for attribution and open materials. As a result, this book is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported License, which is available at (you can get a more detailed description of this license on the Conversation and Community book page).

You can download the book for free in ePub, Kindle, and PDF formats at the XML Press eBook Store. The process is the same as buying any ebook in the store, but the price is $0.00.

This does mean that the print and ebook editions will no longer be available through traditional channels (Amazon, etc.).

Coupon Offer

In conjunction with taking Anne’s book out of print, we are offering 50% off all books in the XML Press eBook Store. Just use the coupon code: Conversation20 when you check out. So while you’re at the store, check out some of our other books. The code is valid through May 31, 2020.

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Voice and Tone Summit 2020

Join XML Press author John Caldwell for a Voice and Tone Summit on Thursday, February 27, 2020, at 5:30 PM at ServiceNow, 4810 Eastgate Mall, San Diego, CA. For details and to sign up go to San Diego Content Strategy Meetup.

John will discuss the voice and tone strategy building blocks and frameworks in his […]

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Voice and Tone Strategy: A Handbook

The latest book in The Content Wrangler Content Strategy Book Series, Voice and Tone Strategy: Connecting with People through Content will be generally available on February 25, 2020. See the book page for information on pre-ordering the book.

Voice and Tone Strategy: Connecting with People through Content walks you through the steps needed to […]

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Privacy Update

We have updated our privacy page to reflect the new California privacy law. The page summarizes the cookies we set and our policies regarding personally identifiable information.

There are no real changes in our policy, because we collect very little personally identifiable information (just for people who purchase products on and because we will […]

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Localizing Employee Communications by Ray Walsh

The latest book in The Content Wrangler Content Strategy Book Series, Localizing Employee Communications: A Handbook will be generally available on December 20, 2019. See the book page for information on pre-ordering the book.

Localizing Employee Communications: A Handbook is a practical guide to ending conventional communication practices that stand in the way of […]

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Privacy Notice Update

We just updated our Privacy Notice. Here are the changes:

Added a notice about our use of Amazon Affiliate links. Added a notice about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and our mailing lists. Removed the notice about Google Analytics, which we no longer use.