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Content Audits and Inventories, 2nd edition

Cover of Content Audits and Inventories, 2nd edition, linked to book page

The second edition of Content Audits and Inventories: A Handbook for Content Analysis, by veteran content strategist Paula Land, is now available.

Ebook bundle on sale at the XML Press eBook Store through May 26, 2023 extended through June 2nd.

This edition updates and expands the first edition, focusing on the importance of the strategic, as well as the tactical, aspects of the content audit. It includes expanded chapters on planning and preparation, building a business case, getting buy-in from your organization, working with teams, selecting and defining audit criteria, incorporating audits as part of ongoing governance, and much more.

New in this edition are chapters on auditing social media channels, apps, brand/messaging, content structure, and accessibility. Also new in this edition are case studies from industry professionals who share their audit experiences and outcomes.

For more information: Book page for Content Audits and Inventories: A Handbook for Content Analysis

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Interview with Ray Walsh, author of Localizing Employee Communications

Cover of Localizing Employee Communications

Ray Walsh, author of Localizing Employee Communications: A Handbook, sat down with us (virtually) for an interview to discuss his book, the importance of employee communications in a global corporation, and how the strategies and tactics he discusses in the book can apply beyond internal corporate communications.

A unique aspect of Localizing Employee Communications is the emphasis on how offices in other countries can, and should, collaborate with the home-country office to ensure that communications get to the people who need to see them and that employees receive and understand the message.

The same techniques apply to content intended for audiences beyond employees, including customers, potential customers, and the public. These techniques apply as well to any type of content you need to create, including advertising and marketing copy, technical documentation, press releases, and more.

For more, see: Ray Walsh interview.

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Engineering Words: Communicating clearly in the workplace

Cover of Engineering Words: Communicating clearly in the workplace

Sharon Burton and Bonni Graham Gonzalez’s new book, Engineering Words: Communicating clearly in the workplace, is now available in both print and ebook editions from, Barnes and Noble, and many other online retailers.

Over the course of a career, every engineer needs to communicate, in both written and oral form, with other engineers and non-engineers. Yet, too many engineers never develop this basic skill. Engineering Words draws on the authors’ extensive experience as technical communicators and teachers of a popular class in technical communication for engineers at the University of California, Riverside, to present a comprehensive introduction to communicating in the business world. This book covers everything from the basics of clear writing to résumés to cover letters to requirements documents to presentations and much more.

The XML Press eBook store will have the ebook available for purchase on March 6, 2023.

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Schematron: A Language for Validating XML

Cover of Schematron: A Language for Validating XML

Erik Siegel’s new book, Schematron: A Language for Validating XML, is now available from, Barnes and Noble, and many other online retailers.

Schematron is a validation language that checks XML documents against business rules. It extends the validation provided by languages such as Document Type Definitions (DTD), W3C XML Schema, and RELAX NG, giving you the ability to check your XML documents for compliance with rules that can be difficult, if not impossible, to check with the other validation languages.

Schematron: A Language for Validating XML explains the language in detail and contains many examples to highlight its features. Anyone who uses Schematron or would like to begin using it will find a wealth of information.

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Understanding the (Content) Personalization Paradox

Learn about the need to standardize in order to personalize your content.

Thursday, July 21, at 8AM PT / 11AM ET

Join Patrick Bosek and Scott Abel for a chat with global content strategy expert and author of the The Personalization Paradox, Val Swisher, to discover the secret to personalizing content experiences at scale. You’ll leave the show with a clear understanding of why content standardization is required to deliver individualized experiences at scale.

You can register for this free event, sponsored by The Content Wrangler and Heretto, at BrightTalk.

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Second Edition of The Insider’s Guide to Technical Writing

The first edition of Krista Van Laan’s popular book The Insider’s Guide to Technical Writing has guided a generation of technical writers who are either starting out or seeking to take their skills to the next level.

This classic has now been updated for the technical writer of today. Today’s tech writers truly are […]

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STC Webinar: Writing a Successful Book Proposal

On February 16, 2022, STC is offering a one-hour webinar titled Writing a Successful Book Proposal. The webinar will be hosted by Richard Hamilton, author of Managing Writers and publisher at XML Press.

The webinar will cover the information publishers want to see in a proposal and the factors they look at in evaluating […]

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Val Swisher to speak at Content Marketing World 2021

Val Swisher, author of Global Content Strategy and The Personalization Paradox, will be speaking at Content Marketing World 2021, which is being held both in-person and virtually this year.

Her talk is titled AI is for Analysis and Insights: Using Three AI Analytic Models and will be part of the virtual track at 11:00am EDT, […]

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Documenting APIs: How to Get Started

XML Press author Robert Delwood, author of The Secret Life of Word, will present a webinar about how to get started documenting application programming interfaces (APIs). This free webinar, which is part of Scott Abel’s Bright Talk webinar series, will be held on Tuesday, April 13, 2020, at 11:00am EDT (8:00am PDT).

You can sign […]

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The Personalization Paradox

The new book from Val Swisher and Regina Lynn Preciado, The Personalization Paradox: Why Companies Fail (and How to Succeed) at Delivering Personalized Experiences at Scale, is now available.

According to Infosys, 86% of consumers surveyed indicated that personalized content has some impact on what they purchase, and 25% said that personalization plays a […]